Travel/Work Location Reviews

The world is full of amazing places.  If you travel and work, some places are better than others.  This is where you will find the places that worked for us.  

Travel – Work Location Review

If you travel and work, like we do, there are some things you just have to have in the location you are staying.  Stable, fast wifi is definitely one of them.

We made up a list of the things you’ll find at most locations and some extras for resorts and extra fancy hotels.  You may have your own ‘must-haves’.  In addition to stable fast wifi, we need a comfortable bed, windows that open, something that will
work as a desk and a kitchen.  When we housesit, a kitchen is never an issue, but we do have to confirm good wifi.  When we use our timeshare points, we have to make sure they have a full kitchen.  We are learning as we go…

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