The Grandview at Las Vegas is a big resort at the far south end of the Strip on Las Vegas Blvd. We spent 3 weeks there from mid-October to November 2019. Here is our review. 

P = Poor
G = Good
E = Excellent


P G E Notes
Accessibility x
Bathroom x Double sinks
Bedroom x
Cleanliness x
Distance from downtown x Drivng only
Entertainment x Free movie night & Adult
Friendly x
Groceries x Shuttle service daily
Hot Tub x
Internet x Unstable, intermittent
Jet Tub x
Kitchen x
Living Room x
Maid Service x
On-site amenities x Gift Shop
Parking x Free 
Pool x 5 pools
Quiet x Walls are paperthin
Rest (bed) x Cushion top mattress
Sports x None
Things to Do x Lots to see around LV; have to drive
Ventilation (fan, windows that
x No bathroom fan but windows open
Workout Room x Missing free weights
Xtra amenities x No shuttle to the Strip 


The condos are beautiful and have everything you need.  

Our Travel/Work Review of The Grandview at Las Vegas

The Grandview at Las Vegas is great if you want a quiet place off the Strip.  It is not good for those who work remotely mostly due to the terrible internet connection.  We we knocked off the interent at least once every 10 minutes.  This was extremely frustrating especially if you are in a train of thought or creating something that wasn’t saved.  We learned very quickly to save our work every minute.  We spent way too much time trying to log back into the wifi.

We had quiet most of the time because we were in a fairly vacant building and had no neighbors most of the time.  When we did have neighbors we could hear everything they said and did…even their snoring.  So…they could hear everything we did.  This was not a problem unless we were finishing up some work at 9 pm at night and the partiers next door came home for the night.  It was time for us to close up for the night after that…which may not have been so bad.

The resort itself was lovely.  It wasn’t really walkable, though, as it was at the far end of the Strip quite a ways away from anything except a couple convenience stores, liquor stores and gas stations.  There was no green space anywhere.  When we took a break or went on an excursion, we had to drive quite a ways.  

Would we come back here and work?  No.  

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