We spent a week in Dease Lake and stayed at The Arctic Divide. We spent a fair bit of time with the owners of The Arctic Divide, Derek and Sophia, and their beautiful family. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

Typically, we work during the day, and take a break to work-out or take a walk, and then work again in the evening until about 9 when we watch ‘our show’ on Netflix or Prime Video. If it’s been a couple days since we’ve ‘been out’ we will go to a local attraction or national park. In Dease Lake, there are no local attractions other than the great outdoors, which suits us just fine. We took a long walk each day. The scenery is magnificent. We walked to the lake on the trail Derek was building (he is a professional trail-maker). We walked to the one and only grocery store a couple times and we walked to pick up pizza at the only pizza joint (the other hotel) once. Everything in town is in walking distance – we never drove our car once while we were there.

Here is our checklist for travel/work locations. Some of the categories do not apply to all locations. They are left blank.
P = Poor
G = Good
E = Excellent

CleanlinessxSophia uses ‘green’ cleaning supplies
Distance from downtownx
GroceriesxYou can get what you need but it is costly.
Hot Tub
Jet Tub
KitchenxSome suites have fully equipped kitchens.  
Living RoomxA couple lovely common spaces – one with a fire stove.  
Maid Servicex
On-site amenities
Rest (bed)x
Things to DoxIf you enjoy the outdoors.
Ventilation (fan, windows that open)x
Workout Room
Xtra amenitiesxTheir coffee is rated ‘the best in the north’.  And it is.

Our Travel/Work Location Review of The Arctic Divide in Dease Lake, BC.

Would we go back to The Arctic Divide in Dease Lake, BC again?  Absolutely.  As a matter of fact, we are considering returning in the summer for Fish Camp.  

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