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Going With the God-Flow

Whenever the opportunity comes up to travel, we take it. We are trying to live in the ‘God-flow’.  We began our travel/work lifestyle in 2019 and use our timeshare points, housesit, and work on our computer-based businesses (and my MBA).

As Entrepreneurs, we’ve been doing home-based income-producing projects for years – for me (Angela), ever since I was 18. Currently, I am a writer and web-designer and online marketer for Christian authors.

David has been working on online marketing projects for many years.  Currently, he is an editor and publisher for Christian Authors.

We both love working from home and truly enjoy work so being disciplined is not a problem. We are not really the ‘play’ type – we prefer to be working and creating something. We’ve never said we couldn’t wait for retirement. Retire means re-tire to us – time to do something else with some new treads.

Godcidentily, during my quiet time this morning, I was reading my Bible and was directed to Luke 12:22-34 (my condensed version) – Don’t worry about what you will eat, wear or where you will live. Each and every day He will supply my needs as I seek His kingdom passionately above all else. I replied, “Ok, Lord”.

So our goal is to travel where ever God leads us – the God-flow – complete my MBA, work on our businesses, and meet amazing people and serve those God brings to us.

We thought we’d share our journey with whomever is interested and share tips and tricks we learn along the way. We don’t like to waste money or our time so we assume our readers don’t either. We will only give you the best of the best along the way.

We are just two Christians travelling…


Oh, and, something about our site – we very much dislike reading a great story or tidbit of information and have it constantly interrupted by ads so we figured our readers feel the same.  The only place you will find anything related to ads in on the right-hand side of our blog posts.  If you are interested in discounts and great tools, you’ll find them there…not in your way while you are trying to read.  

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We’d love to share where we are, what we are doing, and what we are learning as we go with the God-Flow.  And, we’d love to hear how you are learning to go with the God-Flow, too.

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