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David & I have always wanted to travel while we work and we now have the chance.  We are sharing what we learn about the travelling-work life along the way.  If you want to try the travel-work life, perhaps you’ll find some nuggets on our site to help you.

Travel History

We’ve been travelling around for over 10 years…not steady, but on and off.  Now, we travel steady and settle down, on and off…excited to see these numbers grow!




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Recent Travels, Tips, and Truths

Come share our adventures, trials, challenges, successes and tips we learn along the way to the travel-work lifestyle.

Win the Battle

Win the Battle

Originally posted October 7th, 2011Updated December 1, 2019 We are in a constant battle for our hearts, our lives, our destiny.  Many Christians believe it is a battle choosing between what is right and wrong.  I believe it goes beyond choosing between right...

Choosing Victory

Choosing Victory

Knowing we are humans with a need for order and understandability, God graciously places patterns and pathways throughout scripture to teach us His principles, plans, and processes to live a victorious, righteous (everything in its right place) life.  Jesus...

First Nightmare

First Nightmare

What is your worst nightmare to happen to you while travelling? Getting lost? Losing all your stuff? Losing your cell-phone? Running out of money? How about bed-bugs? That was one of my worst nightmares...and one I encountered one month into our travel/work lifestyle....

Our Upcoming Trips

We don’t always know where we will end up but when we do, you’ll find it here.  

Lake Country

British Columbia



Dease Lake,

British Columbia

Travel Gallery

A picture speaks louder than a thousand words.  No words can fully describe God’s handiwork  – and to think He made it all for our enjoyment.  You can scroll through our pictures below.  

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